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MARCH 26th & APRIL 3rd

Join us for our hybrid audition masterclass! Whether a live audition, a self-tape or a cold-read. We're covering that and more!

Actor's Audition Masterclass

Are you an actor looking to improve your audition skills?

In this masterclass, you'll learn tips and tricks to help you stand out in auditions and land the roles you want. As experienced instructors, we will guide you through a variety of audition scenarios and provide personalized feedback to help you improve your craft.

Open to experienced and beginners alike!


This pop-up is 6 hours total over 2 days (3h/day)



Alex and Maxine have been in the industry for quite a while now. They are both working actors. That is the motto of their workshop: "for actors, by actors." You will learn in a hands-on and engaging way by people who are still living and breathing the industry and who have been teaching audition-focused training for over 5 years. Check them out on IMDB and Instagram!



DAY 0 - beforehand

- Receive our industry standard self-tape prep pdf

- Receive general info regarding how the industry works and how auditions fit into it 

--> This context helps us understand what our job is as the storyteller.

- Get an assigned scene, film it as a self-tape, send it to us!

**note the schedule order is subject to change based on class size**


DAY 1 - Online via Zoom

- Group intros

- Zoom callback practice

- Home setup tips

- Equipment recommendations


DAY 2 at CDAH in Montreal

- Covering actions, eye lines, scene changes, environment, and making your scene come to life

- Live in-person audition practice with time slots, mock casting directors and readers


- Receive all your recordings to watch back and review

- Receive personalize filmed feedback by coaches on Day 0 self-tape

- 50% off auditing one month in isolACTION'S weekly online class

Join us online & in-person in Montreal to master your audition!*

Whether a live one, a self-tape or a cold-read. We cover it all!

*limited spots available



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