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What We Do

Some of the ways members use our workshop...

Scene Work

We assign a personally tailored scene for each member, focusing on areas that are underdeveloped.

Cold-Read Practice

Wanna try prepping an assigned scene in only 30 minutes? It's tough, but it's doable!  We'll teach you some tricks and tips to make it second-nature!

Send in a previous audition for critique

Want some extra eyes on more ways to explore that past audition?  We'll go over the takes with you and find new ways to make your scene pop.

Master zoom-style auditions

That tech can be tricky, but we'll help you make it second nature and make your audition stand out.

Prep that upcoming audition

We'll help you get out of that sapping headspace of "needing to a good job", and open you up to a performance that shows what directors love, confidence and heart.  We'll help you shine!

Bring your own scene or redo a previous one

We will help you find new depths and options to explore.  Anything goes!  Voice Over, Video Game, Narration, Film, TV, etc.  Only limitation is you get three takes and the scene needs to be under 3 pages.

and still more!


Need private coaching or a reader service for a big audition coming up?

Contact us for our private rates!


I've booked amazing work during the pandemic and that wouldn't have been possible without isolACTION! The coaches taught me how to produce high quality self-tapes with little equipment and helped me sharpen my skills.

~Martyne M.

So... what do
we do?

​Pretty much everything!  From training cold reads to  mastering self-tapes, film work to video games and MORE!

At the base, before each class we assign you a personally tailored scene based on where we see you have room for exploration.


If you have trouble with environment, we'll assign a scene with emphasis on actions, setting, placements, and eye lines. Trouble with just being present?  No probs!  We'll give you a scene that encourages giving up and letting your heart do the work and not your head.  And much, much more.

isolACTION is designed 

to push your boundaries

Alex and Maxine took one look at my self-tapes and knew exactly what lighting and sound adjustments were needed to take my self-tape from home video quality to looking professional and like something I could be proud to submit. Together, their wealth of technical knowledge is unmatched anywhere else.

~Aly S.

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