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  • How do I join isolACTION?
    We created a clear step by step guide! Click on the SIGN UP button above. If you still have questions, click on the image below, it will direct you to our email!
  • Do we have to come prepared?
    No. That's the simple answer. To expand on it, you CAN come prepared. And we do in fact encourage it. Here are the ways you can join our workshop: 1. unprepared & excited for a cold-read we assign a couple days before. Just load up the assignment when you want! 2. ready with a scene you've always wanted to work on 3. choose from our scripts in advance: 4. bring in a current audition you have to work on 5. come in with a previous audition you want to expand on No time for anything above? No sweat! You can also: 1. self-tape any scene as above and submit for review 2. submit any previously recorded self-tape/audition for us to review (NB. submissions need to be under 6min)) No matter how you prepare or whether or not you can attend, if you put something in, we'll work with it and give you back the recorded notes ;) In short, if you have something you want to work on, we are open and flexible to it!
  • What are the different ways to save money?
    We get how tough it can be to continuously train as an actor when things cost so much money! Like we have mentioned, we're about creating a community, no matter your income. SO we have created multiple different ways to save while also contributing. Click on the link below to get access to all the different ways to save:
  • I have an actual audition, can I work on it in isolACTION?"
    Yes 100% If you are registered as a member in our class we can work your audition for 3 takes just like when we assign a scene from our list. If you feel you need more time with us, we also offer private coaching sessions at $55/h* on zoom where both of us are present (providing you with a reader and a coach). Otherwise, we also offer a cheaper version at $35/h* on zoom where only one of us is present (as both coach and reader). *These rates only apply to those who are actively subscribed to a monthly plan for the current month.
  • Who runs isolACTION?
    Fair question! It's run by us! Alex Gravenstein and Maxine Denis. Two Montreal-based actors who have had experience in casting. If you choose to join for your free first class, you'll get a sense of who we are pretty quick. One quick description: 'we love to act, and we love people who love to act' Check out our instagram pages and feel free to message us: Alex: Maxine:
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