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About Us

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Alex Gravenstein

Alex is an actor/director/editor/vfx kind of guy. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Psychology at McGill and has since been a working actor. He's also made & assisted on many short films with his own equipment. Apart from acting, he also works throughout the industry. This lead him to working at the Kenyon-Wells and Elite casting agencies in Montreal, where was a reader, ran camera, read scripts & created sides, among other tasks. He is a part of the ACTRA YEAA subcommittee, a team for making opportunities to help and encourage actors. He hopes to use everything he has learned and continues to learn to give back to the acting community to make this enchanting world more accessible to others.

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Maxine Denis

Maxine is a Canadian/Lebanese actor, writer, director and now, co-founder & session runner of isolACTION Workshop. She arrived in Montreal at eighteen from Dubai to study Psychology & Spanish at McGill University while also working as a full-time actor. Wanting to learn the ins and outs of the industry, she worked in casting for a couple years as a reader and camera operator in audition sessions. Being part of the ACTRA Women's Committee, Maxine is also a strong advocate for female representation in film! At the end of the day she is an actor working very hard in a difficult industry, just like you, where she hopes to spread what she's learnt and is learning with fellow actors. 

Why does isolACTION exist?

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For Community

for actors, by actors

Alex and Maxine started running in-person audition workshops early 2019, after Alex had already started up a separate cold read gym.


When the first quarantine started in March 2020, they adapted all of the workshops into one online format, and offered it fully free to the world as respite from the isolation and a means to continue training.

Thus isolACTION was born.  


After gaining momentum and positive feedback, isolACTION changed to a paid platform in September 2020. Maxine and Alex are both actors and know well the financial burden that comes with those dreams, and they will keep isolACTION affordable, accessible, and open world wide! 

~ Love Maxine & Alex
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